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elevador da bica

A imaginação da Comissão Europeia

Abaixo reproduz-se parte do índice do Boletim de Primavera publicado hoje pela Comissão Europeia. Perante a miséria generalizada, louva-se a imaginação e variedade de vocabulário de quem escreveu os títulos para cada estado-membro...

1. Belgium: Double-digit unemployment and triple-digit public debt
in sight
2. Bulgaria: Vanishing budgetary surplus, external deficit remains
3. The Czech Republic: Output falls sharply driven by collapse in
external demand
4. Denmark: Strong increase in unemployment from record lows
5. Germany: Export dependency driving slump and conditioning
6. Estonia: Adjusting to face gloomier years
7. Ireland: Strong budgetary deterioration hampers adjustment
8. Greece: Persistent and large structural imbalances take their toll
9. Spain: Imbalances hamper recovery
10. France: Relatively resilient private consumption, rapidly
deteriorating public finances
11. Italy: Manufacturing hit hard by collapse in global demand
12. Cyprus: Public finances deteriorating, large external deficit
13. Latvia: Domestic demand and trade implode
14. Lithuania: Deepening recession leads to wider fiscal deficits
15. Luxembourg: This time, not spared by the general hardship
16. Hungary: Domestic financial crisis magnifies recession
17. Malta: Tourism badly hit but investment holds up
18. The Netherlands: Suffering from fall in world trade
19. Austria: Private consumption and fiscal support cushion the
20. Poland: Mild recession knocking at the door
21. Portugal: Protracted downturn
22. Romania: Growth contracts sharply
23. Slovenia: Sharp falls in exports and investment point to
competitiveness challenges
24. Slovakia: Global downturn weighs on exports
25. Finland: Exports bear the brunt of the downturn
26. Sweden: Unemployment rising, public finances deteriorating
27. The United Kingdom: Deep recession poses severe challenge to
public finances

“A imaginação da Comissão Europeia”

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